Crowdfunding Campaign 2018-19

Head Trick Theatre is thrilled to launch our 2018-19 “Making a World” crowdfunding campaign! Your support will help us bring innovative and progressive takes on classic works to the stage in Rhode Island: the female authors of 2018-19’s “Making a World” season offer perspectives on complacency and resistance in the face of rising fascism, and on women’s memories, bravery, and imaginations, that ring as true today as ever.

Head Trick is more established than we’ve ever been, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need your support – it means that we want to work with you to bring you things we couldn’t have brought you before, like more elaborate sets, or plays and musicals that aren’t in the public domain. Every little bit helps — donations of $25 and up are currently the only way to secure a ticket for spring 2019’s Goblin Market, but you can support local theatre for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee. Visit our Indiegogo campaign page to see what people are saying about our theatre and to learn why you should support Head Trick today!

This fall’s Watch on the Rhine, which saw playwright Lillian Hellman confront an American family with the struggle between fascists and freedom fighters in their own home, was described in the press as “thoroughly engrossing…visceral and very intense”, with “an almost cinematic feel.” In the spring, Head Trick’s season themed around escapism takes a turn into fantasy with Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon’s Goblin Market, adapted from Christina Rossetti’s poem. Two adult sisters return to their childhood home, where they re-live the traumatic and the fantastical events of their youthful encounters with the mysterious goblins, in a haunting chamber musical that explores the power of love and the purpose of imagination.

Head Trick Making a World Fundraiser Campaign