Tonight We Improvise

“As much an intellectual exercise as a theatrical production, this short (less than 90 minutes) play is a departure for the typical theater-goer and an interesting conversation piece for those who want to consider what it means to act, to direct, to stage a theatrical experience, or to improvise.” —Motif Magazine

“A very enjoyable performance of an extremely subtle play that is definitely not staged often enough” —Pirandello Society Journal

Performed March 7-9, 2014 at 95 Empire, Providence, RI.

  • Translated and Directed by Rebecca Maxfield
  • Mommina La Croce…..Audrey Del Prete
  • Rico Verri…..Derek Colantuono
  • Mrs. Ignazia La Croce…..Paula Prendergast
  • Mr. Palmiro La Croce…..Stuart Wilson
  • Totina La Croce…..Victoria Norris
  • Dorina La Croce…..Morgan Capodilupo
  • Mangini…..Dave Weeks
  • A Cabaret Singer…..Pu-Ning Chiang
  • Stage Manager: Marissa Grier
  • Fight Choreographer: Billy Finn

Photos by Ryan Walsh