The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Poster by Charis Loke

Photos: James Lastowski

Knight of the Burning Pestle is yet another well-performed pearl of Elizabethan drama plucked from obscurity by Head Trick Theatre that appeals even more to modern audiences than to its own contemporary ones.” —Motif Magazine

Performed August 11-27, 2017 at Blackstone Field, Providence, RI.

  • Directed by Rebecca Maxfield
  • Venturewell, a Merchant…..Ken McPherson
  • Jasper, his Apprentice…..Christine Pavao
  • Luce, the Merchant’s Daughter…..Corinne Southern
  • Humphrey, Luce’s Suitor…..Shawn Fennell
  • Mistress Merrythought, Jasper’s Mother…..Emily Taradash
  • Old Mr. Merrythought, Jasper’s Father…..Paul N. Oliver
  • Michael, Jasper’s Younger Brother…..Kerri Lamothe
  • George, a Grocer…David Adams Murphy
  • Nell, his Wife…..Robbi Scruggs
  • Rafe, their Apprentice…..Stevie Smith
  • Christine Warren, violin · Cynthia Ruggieri, violin · Joshua Gannon-Solomon, mandolin
    Scott Scarlett Kluger, recorder · Stephen Hug, guitar · Rebecca Maxfield, kazoo