Incident at Vichy

Incident at Vichy poster image Arthur Miller
Cast of Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller

Ten people, rounded up off the street, sit in a detention center in Nazi-collaborationist France, suspected of being Jewish. Waiting to be called in to the room where they and their papers will be inspected and questioned, they confront the truth of what will happen to the people who do not come back through that door, and of the fear, hatred, and complicity that lie in the human heart.

Incident at Vichy is sixty years old and feels shockingly, upsettingly contemporary,” says artistic director Rebecca Maxfield. “Issues of antisemitism, complicity, rising fascism, and the desperate need for empathy and solidarity with the ‘other’ did not end with the Holocaust, and Arthur Miller’s words will strike surprising chords with audiences that resonate long after they have left the theatre.”

“Delivers a visceral punch…the ensemble credibly creates the sense of tension and fear that drives the work. If you have never seen this show produced, this is a good time to invest the 90 minutes.” —BroadwayWorld

“Superb ensemble cast, nearly invisible direction, and an unrelentingly complex script” —Motif Magazine

“Taut and gripping drama.” —Edge Media Network

Performances June 16—July 2 at Mathewson St. Black Box Theatre, 134 Collaborative @ 134 Mathewson St., Providence, RI.

Sunday matinees were followed by talkbacks with the artists and invited guests including State Rep. Rebecca Kislak; Cranston City Councilwoman Aniece Germain; Lex Rofeberg, Senior Jewish Educator at Judaism Unbound; and Giovanna Wiseman, Programming and Outreach Coordinator at the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center.

by Arthur Miller
directed by Rebecca Maxfield


  • Lebeau, a painter…..Chris Ferreira
  • Bayard, an electrician…..Darby Wilson
  • Marchand, a businessman…..David Weber
  • Monceau, an actor…..Emily MacLean
  • Roma…..Kevin Hernandez
  • Waiter…..Julian Trilling
  • Boy…..Emma Sheldon
  • Police guard…..Mark Carter (u/s: Eric Pjojian)
  • Major…..Andrew Conley
  • Leduc, a psychiatrist…..Blanche Case
  • Von Berg, a prince…..Neal Leaheey
  • Professor Hoffman…..David Adams Murphy
  • Police captain…..Samantha Acampora
  • Detective…..Amy Thompson
  • Elderly Jew…..Michael Schnoor
  • Ferrand, a café proprietor…..Elizabeth Parent
  • Costume Design…..Kathleen Seagriff-Chapman
  • Light Design…..Haley Ahlborg
  • Stage Management…..Maxine Wolfson
  • Fight Choreography…..Ryan Stevenson

Part of Head Trick’s summer 2023 season