Queen Margaret

Queen Margaret Shakespeare Jennifer Dick

Poster by Charis Loke

“Tiger’s heart wrapped in a woman’s hide”

Who is Margaret of Anjou? From captive war bride to warrior queen leading the House of Lancaster, Jennifer Dick’s adaptation traces the evolution of Shakespeare’s largest female role through the epic battles, political machinations, and personal struggles of the Wars of the Roses. Is Margaret a hero or a villain?

“We get to see Margaret evolve as a character, from this young bride in a foreign court to this scary military leader – in Shakespeare that’s split up across a number of plays,” says artistic director Rebecca Maxfield. “Jennifer Dick’s small-cast version also lets us make the audience into the Lancaster and York soldiers and lords. You might experience the play differently depending on which side you’re on.” Head Trick’s production is the U.S. premiere of Queen Margaret.

Highly entertaining high art…[Desjardin] paints a portrait of a woman who is never ready to surrender even when the war is long over…We’re all very lucky to have Head Trick in the heart of Providence presenting classical stories in fierce productions that seem to be getting tighter and more refined over time.” —Motif Magazine

Part of our 2019-20 season, In War With Time

by William Shakespeare
adapted by Jennifer Dick
directed by Rebecca Maxfield

Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England…..Kerstyn Desjardin
King Henry VI of the House of Lancaster…..Ken Lumb
Richard, Duke of York…..Joanne Fayan
William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk…..Paula Prendergast
Richard, son to the Duke of York, later King Richard III…..Andrew Conley (understudied by Rebecca Maxfield and Carson Pavao)
Edward, Prince of Wales…..Cecily Goulis

Stage Management and Costumes by Lauren Pothier
Fight Choreography by Ryan Stevenson
Assistant Direction by Valearie Kane
Sound Design by Rebecca Maxfield

Performed July 11-21, 2019 at AS220’s Black Box, Providence, RI

Photos by Jena Marie Pothier and Rebecca Maxfield