Promotional image for THE ASSEMBLYWOMEN depicting the figure on top of the Statehouse wearing a bra.

Summer 2022

Praxagora and her friends are fed up. Every day, the news from local politics is full of nothing but corruption, stagnation, fickleness, and spite. What’s a gang of women in ancient Athens, where only men can attend Assembly, to do? Why, steal their husbands’ clothes, put on fake beards, and vote to put women in charge once and for all, of course. But will the people of Athens accept their radical proposals? Find out in Head Trick Theatre’s production of Aristophanes’s chaotic farce, THE ASSEMBLYWOMEN, performed July 15-31, 2022 in various locations throughout Providence, including the RISD Museum, Riffraff Bookstore, and city parks.

  • With:
  • Tracy Coffey
  • JT Cunha
  • Audrey Dubois
  • Cherylee Dumas
  • Sarah Dunn
  • Sammie Jackson
  • Ezra Jordan
  • Ryk McIntire
  • Luyuan Nathan
  • and directed by Rebecca Maxfield

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Please note that The Assemblywomen contains sexual and scatological humor.

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