Watch on the Rhine

Head Trick Watch on the Rhine

“It’s an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip.” From the Farrellys’ living room in Washington, the Nazis and the war in Europe seem very far away – until the war comes to them, when Fanny’s daughter Sara brings her anti-fascist husband home after twenty years abroad. Kurt, Sara, and their children aren’t Fanny’s only guests, and conflict soon arises between them and an opportunistic count with Nazi sympathies, forcing the Farrellys to choose between standing by and standing up.

Watch on the Rhine confronts an American family with the struggle between fascists and freedom fighters in their own home: Lillian Hellman strips away the civility and intrigue of a comedy to reveal the violence and immediacy of a political thriller, showing us the impossibility of shutting our eyes to the crisis around us. “Hellman wrote this before the U.S. joined the war at the end of 1941,” explains artistic director Rebecca Maxfield. “The world already saw what was happening and she didn’t want America or Americans to be bystanders.”

“Visceral and very intense…the close proximity lends the show an almost cinematic feel. It’s difficult to pick out any particular stand outs, as the entire cast is excellent, [and] the themes of fascism and anti-fascists are as relevant as ever before.” — BroadwayWorld

Part of our 2018-19 season: Making a World

by Lillian Hellman
Performed October 12-21, 2018 at AS220’s Black Box

    Directed by Rebecca Maxfield

  • FANNY FARRELLY…..Paula Faber
  • DAVID FARRELLY…..Ian Hudgins
  • SARA MÜLLER…..Eden Casteel
  • KURT MÜLLER…..Andrew Stigler
  • TECK DE BRANCOVIS…..Charles Lafond
  • MARTHE DE BRANCOVIS…..Christine Pavao
  • ANISE…..Elizabeth Parent
  • JOSEPH…..Ibrahima Tylar Jahumpa
  • JOSHUA MÜLLER…..Ezra Jordan
  • BABETTE MÜLLER…..Emma Sheldon
  • BODO MÜLLER…..Jack Sheldon
  • Stage Management…..Andrew Conley
  • Scenic Design…..Domenic Arlia
  • Light Design…..Alex Sprague
  • Costume & Prop Design…..Gabriella Sanchez
  • Fight Choreography…..Rudy Sanda

Photos by Samantha Gaus