Much Ado About Nothing

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Head Trick Theatre presents Much Ado About Nothing at Roger Williams National Memorial

“Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceivers ever…”

Sparring lovers Beatrice and Benedick are tricked into falling for each other in Shakespeare’s classic battle of wits, set against the backdrop of a darker story of romantic betrayal and prejudice. The return of the soldiers from war heralds two things: the resumption of a less life-and-death “merry war” between the witty Benedick and her equally witty ex Beatrice, and a fairytale engagement between Claudio and Hero. What better way to pass the time before the wedding than by setting their old friends up? Sometimes even very clever people will believe anything they hear…

“I can’t tell you how excited we are at Head Trick to be returning to classic Shakespeare,” says artistic director Rebecca Maxfield. “Over the past few years we’ve really enjoyed introducing our audiences to some more obscure works that speak to contemporary ears, but it’s always fun to find our own take on a play that everyone has an opinion on, and now seemed like the right time to do a play that’s about believing women and to cast it with two female leads.” Head Trick’s Much Ado About Nothing takes a feminist approach to the original screwball comedy in a production that both delights and challenges the audience: your ticket is your invitation to the party! Join us on summer nights at the Roger Williams National Memorial.

Much Ado About Nothing opens Head Trick’s 2018-19 season, “Making a World”, which asks audiences to join Head Trick’s performers in creating new worlds through innovative approaches to three classics. “This season grew out of the idea of escapism and fantasy,” Maxfield says. “We wanted to ask: Is there a world we’re running to, when we say a play is escapist? And does that world look the same if you’re a woman, or gay, or a person of color? It’s really about the purpose of the stories we tell each other and ourselves.”


by William Shakespeare
directed by Rebecca Maxfield

Devon Andrews
Geoff Besser
Krystal Hall
Hannah Heckman-McKenna
Tylar Jahumpa
Valearie Kane
Kerri Lamothe
Ricci Mann
David Adams Murphy
Christine Pavao
Yunus Quddus
Sherry Romanzi
Gabriella Sanchez
Kevin Thibault
Amy Thompson
Christine Warren
Stuart Wilson

“Head Trick is returning to its roots with a classic Shakespeare in the park…[Beatrice and Benedick’s] budding relationship is a delight to watch develop from their war of wits to begrudging confessions of love [and] this genderbending further improves on an already much-beloved couple.” —Motif Magazine

Friday July 27th, 8:00pm
Saturday July 28th, 8:00pm
Sunday July 29th, 8:00pm
Friday August 3rd, 8:00pm
Sunday August 5th, 8:00pm
Friday August 10th, 8:00pm
Saturday August 11th, 8:00pm
Sunday August 12th, 8:00pm

Roger Williams National Memorial | 282 North Main St. | Providence, RI 02903

Suggested donation $15.