2024 Season: Taken for Granted


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Head Trick Theatre announces a season of revolution and intrigue, following its recently acclaimed productions of Incident at Vichy and Agnes de Castro. Titled “Taken for Granted,” the 2024 season asks: what happens when the supporting roles start getting their own ideas?

The season opens in June with the world premiere of a new translation of The Mad Bid by Madame Ulrich (as a reading), continues in July with a fully staged production of Rossum’s Universal Robots by Karel Čapek, and closes in November with The Lucky Chance by Aphra Behn. Head Trick will be returning to its old home venue of AS220 in downtown Providence for the first time since fall 2019’s Mrs. Dalloway.

The Mad Bid, Madame Ulrich Dancourt teaser poster depicting woman adjusting cuffs of suit


by Madame Ulrich, translated into English for the first time by Rebecca Maxfield
June 7, AS220; June 13, Rochambeau Library

Meet the most popular man in Paris: he’s hot, he’s rich, he’s stylish, and he doesn’t exist. “He” is Angélique, in disguise to court Madame Argante, who has refused to let Angélique marry her son Éraste. It’s go time: before the end of the day, the young couple will have enlisted a bunch of other people in increasingly ridiculous disguises, plus a whole lot of money, for true love to come out on top.

RUR Rossum's Universal Robots Karel Capek teaser poster depicting blue-scale Vitruvian Man


by Karel Čapek
directed by Blanche Case and Luyuan Nathan
July 19-28, AS220

R.U.R. Corporation dreams of a future where no human needs to work and everything is affordable, thanks to the labor of robots. Helena dreams of improving conditions for the robots and treating them like people. What do the robots dream – and can humans survive that dream becoming reality? A century after it debuted the term “robot”, Karel Čapek’s play comes to the stage in a new age of artificial intelligence and questions about what makes us human.

The Lucky Chance Aphra Behn teaser poster depicting face in 17th century makeup with heart beauty mark


by Aphra Behn
directed by Rebecca Maxfield
November 15-24, AS220

Everybody’s trying to get ahead. Everybody’s trying to stay afloat. In Aphra Behn’s dark sex farce, returning to Head Trick at long last after being closed by the pandemic, money can always buy love – is luck enough to win it back? One way or another, someone’s getting screwed.


Auditions will be held Sunday, April 14 and Monday, April 15 at the AS220 Black Box, 95 Empire St., Providence. For times, instructions, signup form, and character breakdown, please visit our auditions page.


Head Trick Theatre is a performing group based in Providence, RI that puts on innovative productions of classic plays with a focus on the importance of liveness. Recent productions include Incident at Vichy, Arthur Miller’s searing drama of complicity and empathy during the Holocaust, and The Assemblywomen, Aristophanes’s chaotic farce about women turning government upside down. For more information, or to sign up for our email list, visit https://www.headtricktheatre.org or email [email protected].