As You Like It

Head Trick Theatre presents Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' directed by Rebecca Maxfield

Poster by Charis Loke

Photo by Benedict Gagliardi

“the perfect outdoor production…It can be difficult to distinguish a classical performance of a Shakespearean play, in traditional costume from other productions, but director Rebecca Maxfield was canny to seize upon the dance numbers to make viewing this play a truly unique and magical experience. What Head Trick Theatre may lack in name recognition, they more than make up for in enthusiasm and originality. It will be exciting to see more from them in years to come.” —Broadway World

“The dancing is interesting and skilled enough to constitute its own entertainment apart even from the play, and it truly distinguishes Head Trick Theatre’s interpretation.” —Motif Magazine

by William Shakespeare
Performed August 14-30, 2015 at Blackstone Field, Providence, RI.

  • Directed by Rebecca Maxfield
  • Rosalind…..Christine Pavao
  • Orlando…..Rebecca Magnotta
  • Celia…..Susan Chakmakian
  • Phoebe…..Lexie Lankiewicz
  • Silvius…..Katie O’Rourke
  • Touchstone…..Shawn Fennell
  • Oliver…..Tom Duke
  • Jaques…..Robbi Scruggs
  • Duke Frederick/Duke Senior…..Adam Florio
  • Le Beau/William…..Ian Hudgins
  • Audrey/Dennis…..Alijah Dickenson
  • Corin…..Carolyn Coughlin
  • Amiens…..Kerri Lamothe
  • Adam/Hymen…..Bob Perry
  • Charles…..Jhomphy Ventura
  • Violin…..Armand Aromin
  • Recorder…..Marion Anderson
  • Fight Choreography…..Nate Stetson