The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Poster by Charis Loke

Photos: James Lastowski

Knight of the Burning Pestle is yet another well-performed pearl of Elizabethan drama plucked from obscurity by Head Trick Theatre that appeals even more to modern audiences than to its own contemporary ones.” —Motif Magazine

by Francis Beaumont
Performed August 11-27, 2017 at Blackstone Field, Providence, RI.

  • Directed by Rebecca Maxfield
  • Venturewell, a Merchant…..Ken McPherson
  • Jasper, his Apprentice…..Christine Pavao
  • Luce, the Merchant’s Daughter…..Corinne Southern
  • Humphrey, Luce’s Suitor…..Shawn Fennell
  • Mistress Merrythought, Jasper’s Mother…..Emily Taradash
  • Old Mr. Merrythought, Jasper’s Father…..Paul N. Oliver
  • Michael, Jasper’s Younger Brother…..Kerri Lamothe
  • George, a Grocer…David Adams Murphy
  • Nell, his Wife…..Robbi Scruggs
  • Rafe, their Apprentice…..Stevie Smith
  • Christine Warren, violin · Cynthia Ruggieri, violin · Joshua Gannon-Solomon, mandolin
    Scott Scarlett Kluger, recorder · Stephen Hug, guitar · Rebecca Maxfield, kazoo
  • Fight Choreography: Rudy Sanda