The Revenger’s Tragedy

Poster by Charis Loke

Photo by Benedict Gagliardi

“Pavao delivers a masterful, poised performance as Vindice…don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience The Revenger’s Tragedy, an especially welcome addition (or alternative) to outdoor summer theater fare.” —Edge Media

“Every single performer in this show did a terrific job…Head Trick Theatre is really onto something special here. It would be a shame if you missed the production. Shakespeare no longer owns the parks in the summer!” —Motif Magazine

WINNER: Best Supporting Actress (Play), Semi-Professional: Aisha Sho (Lussurioso) — 2016 Broadway World Rhode Island Awards

by Thomas Middleton
Performed August 5-21, 2016 at Blackstone Field, Providence, RI.

  • Directed by Rebecca Maxfield
  • VINDICE, a revenger…..Christine Pavao
  • HIPPOLITO, his brother…..Dan McDonough
  • The DUKE…..Mark Carter
  • The DUCHESS, second wife to the Duke…..Robbi Scruggs
  • LUSSURIOSO, son and heir to the Duke…..Aisha Sho
  • AMBITIOSO, eldest son to the Duchess…..Hannah Heckman-McKenna
  • SUPERVACUO, son to the Duchess…..Ashley Moore
  • JUNIOR, youngest son to the Duchess…..Nora Garron
  • SPURIO, bastard son to the Duke…..Derick Locus
  • GRATIANA, mother to Vindice…..Susan Buttrick
  • CASTIZA, sister to Vindice…..Elizabeth Souin
  • ANTONIO, a virtuous lord…..Yunus Quddus
  • NOBLES, OFFICERS, &c……Andrew Conley, Jennifer Greffin,
    Kerri Lamothe
  • VIOLIN…..Armand Aromin
  • MASK DESIGN…..A. Sawyer Henry

Photos by Benedict Gagliardi