Tonight We Improvise

“As much an intellectual exercise as a theatrical production, this short (less than 90 minutes) play is a departure for the typical theater-goer and an interesting conversation piece for those who want to consider what it means to act, to direct, to stage a theatrical experience, or to improvise.” —Motif Magazine

“A very enjoyable performance of an extremely subtle play that is definitely not staged often enough” —Pirandello Society Journal

by Luigi Pirandello
Performed March 7-9, 2014 at 95 Empire, Providence, RI.

  • Translated and Directed by Rebecca Maxfield
  • Mommina La Croce…..Audrey Del Prete
  • Rico Verri…..Derek Colantuono
  • Mrs. Ignazia La Croce…..Paula Prendergast
  • Mr. Palmiro La Croce…..Stuart Wilson
  • Totina La Croce…..Victoria Norris
  • Dorina La Croce…..Morgan Capodilupo
  • Mangini…..Dave Weeks
  • A Cabaret Singer…..Pu-Ning Chiang
  • Stage Manager: Marissa Grier
  • Fight Choreographer: Billy Finn

Photos by Ryan Walsh